A bottom-up approach towards metamaterials and plasmonics IV

10:30 Invited talk : Study and effective medium modeling of the strong optical anisotropy of self-assembled lamellar metallo-dielectric nanocomposites

Xuan Wang (1),Kevin Ehrhardt (1),Clemence Tallet (1),Julien Vieaud (1),Olivier Merchiers (2),Philippe Barois (1),Marc Warenghem (3),Ashod Aradian (1),Virginie Ponsinet (1)

(1)Univiversity of Bordeaux (France) , (2)CETHIL - INSA de Lyon (France) , (3)Artois University (France)

In this presentation, we describe the study of thin films of self-assembled ordered nanocomposites of polymers and gold nanoparticles. The spectral variation of their anisotropic effective dielectric permittivity is determined by variable-angle spectroscopic ellipsometry using appropriate effective medium models, as a function of the nature, density and spatial organization of the gold nanoparticles
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10:50 Invited talk : Meta-atom characterization by Gouy phase shift interferometry in highly focused light fields

Toralf Scharf (1),K. Achouri (1),M. Kim (1),J. Dintinger (1),A. Cunningham (2),T. Burgi (2),S. Muhlig (3),C. Rockstuhl (3)

(1)Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne EPFL (Switzerland) , (2)University of Geneva (Switzerland) , (3)Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany)

We studied a new way to measure effective optical scattering properties of meta-atoms that is based on a special kind of interferometry to characterize material parameters of single meta-atom structures. The technique is based on a special kind of common path interferometry where a particle is passed though a focus point of a confocal setup and the on axis intensity response is recorded. We compare measurement and simulations for different wavelengths and different nanoparticles including meta-atoms of different variants.
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11:10 Invited talk : Metal-dielectric microstructures with directionally solidified eutectics as templates

Maria Acosta (1),Sergio Rodrigo (1),Luis Martin-Moreno (1),Carlos Pecharroman (2),Javier Sese (3),Rosa Merino (1)

(1)CSIC-Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain) , (2)Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid-CSIC (Spain) , (3)Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain)

We demonstrate the feasibility of directionally solidified eutectics as templates to fabricate metal-dielectric arrangements with periodicity and building units in the micron scale. As a proof of concept, we have built optically thick holey metallic layers where the holes are filled with polaritonic LiF. Their optical properties are investigated in the whole IR range
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11:30 Invited talk : 3D Optical Metamaterials by Self-Assembly and Templated Directed Solidification of Eutectics

Kaitlin I. Tyler, Julia Kohanek, Jinwoo Kim, Paul V. Braun

University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (USA)

Nanoscale integration of materials in three dimensions is critical for the realization of a number of highly functional optical metamaterials. Our team is applying unique template-based and post-synthetic materials transformations to produce novel 3D microstructures derived from directionally solidified eutectics. Three main eutectic systems have been investigated: molten salts, metals, and organics. The molten salts have shown novel microstructures via 3D template confinement, the metals have inherently interesting optical properties, and the organics can demonstrate different faceting during solidification.
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11:50 Invited talk : New supramolecular strategies for the assembly of plasmonic nanoparticles

Joao Paulo Coelho (1),Gloria Tardajos (1),Gustavo Fernandez (2),Andres Guerrero-Martinez (1)

(1)Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) , (2)Universitat Wurzburg Am Hubland (Germany)

The self-assembly of the supramolecule-stabilized gold nanoparticles under controlled temperature and humidity conditions proposed herein, paves the way for a new methodology to prepare reusable plasmonic supercrystals in both aqueous and organic solutions, with potential applications in nanoparticle imprinting and sensing.
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