Symposium 1: Functional Metastructures and Nanomaterials: Properties, Fabrication and Modeling VII

10:30 Invited talk : Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) chiroptical effects in plasmonic nanostructures

Ventsislav K. Valev

University of Bath (United Kingdom)

Strong SHG chiroptical effects result from the interaction of light with chiral plasmonic nanostructures. Due to the favorable power-law scaling of near-field enhancements, the nonlinear optical properties of chiral plasmonic nano- and metasurfaces are of prime fundamental and practical interest. Recently, these optical properties have attracted considerable interest. Numerous examples of SHG chiroptical interactions will be demonstrated and the relationship to superchiral light will be discussed.
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10:50 Invited talk : Chiral nanomaterials and their applications

Yurii K. Gun'ko (1),Finn-Purcell Milton (1),Joseph E. Govan (1),Valerie A. Gerard (1),Alexander Loudon (1),Olan Cleary (1),Maria Mukhina (2),Alexander Baranov (2),Anatoly Fedorov (2)

(1)Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) , (2)ITMO University (Russia)

The main aim of our work is to develop new types of technologically important inorganic nanoparticulate materials possessing optical activity and chirality and explore their applications.Here we report development of new chiral nanomateriarials including chiral quantum dots and chiral nanoparticles of technologically important titanium and manganese oxides. We demonstrate potential applications of chiral quantum dots for chiral recognition and luminescent chemo- and bio- sensing, while titanium and manganese oxides exhibit promising catalytic properties in oxidation reactions.
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11:10 Invited talk : Biosensing with a Twist: Detection and Characterization of Biomaterials with Sculpted EM Fields

Nadia A. Abdulrahman, Christopher D. Syme, Calum Jack, A. S. Karimullah, Laurence D. Barron, N. Gadegaard, Malcolm Kadodwala

University of Glasgow (United Kingdom)

The application of new, high throughput, chiral plasmonic metamaterial for biophysical / biosensing application will be discussed. The use of these substrates for both linear and non-linear measurements will be illustrated.
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11:30 Invited talk : Chiral Nanoparticles and Their Self-Organization: Why, What, and How

Nicholas Kotov (1),B. Yeom (1),J. Yeom (1),W. Ma (2),C. Xu (2),A. Govorov (3),P. Kral (4),A. Rogach (5),S. Link (6)

(1)University of Michigan (USA) , (2)Jiangnan University (China) , (3)Ohio University (USA) , (4)University of Illinois in Chicago (USA) , (5)City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) , (6)Rice University (USA)

In this presentation we shall address the latest development in chemistry and physics of chiral semiconductor and metallic nanostructures.
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11:50 Invited talk : Detecting, Visualizing, and Measuring the Chirality of Chiral Ligand-Capped Gold Nanoparticles using Nematic Liquid Crystal Phases

Anshul Sharma (1),Taizo Mori (2),Bergquist Leah (1),Huey-Charn Lee (3),Matthew Worden (1),Eric Bidwell (1),Torsten Hegmann (1)

(1)Kent State University (USA) , (2)Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (Japan) , (3)University of Manitoba (Canada)

We used the induction of bulk chiral nematic liquid crystal phases to image, measure, and compare the chirality and chirality transfer ability of chiral ligand-capped gold nanoparticles. Characteristic defect textures and helical pitch measurements in the induced chiral nematic phase reveal clear tends with respect to nanoparticle size and synthesis method.
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12:10 Invited talk : Chiroptically active intrinsically chiral and achiral inorganic nanostructures

Gil Markovich, Assaf Ben Moshe

Tel Aviv University (Israel)

Optical activity in inorganic nanostructures can be more intense than in chiral molecules. We show that it is possible to perform an enantioselective synthesis of inorganic nanostructures made of intrinsically chiral crystals, such as alpha-HgS, Te and Se. These nanocrystals, belonging to the P3121 chiral space group, were grown in the presence of thiolated chiral molecules, such as cysteine or glutathione. This led to the growth of the nanocrystals with a particular handedness and consequent strong optical activity.
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