Metamaterials based on novel symmetries I

10:30 Invited talk : Tunable Light-matter Interaction With Quantum Spillover and 2D materials

Dafei Jin, Anshuman Kumar, Qing Hu, Yingyi Yang, Eunnie Lee, Nicholas Fang


Recently, exciting new physics of plasmonics has inspired a series of key explorations to manipulate, store and control the flow of information and energy at unprecedented dimensions. In this talk I will report our recent efforts on controlling light absorption and emission process through quantum effects in sub-20nm scale coatings.
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10:50 Invited talk : Observation of non-Hermitian degeneracies in quantum exciton-polariton billiards

Tingge Gao (1),Eliezer Estrecho (1),Michael Fraser (2),Sebastian Brodbeck (3),Martin Kamp (3),Christian Schneider (3),Sven Hofling (3),Yuri Kivshar (1),Andrew Truscott (1),Konstantin Bliokh (2),Robert Dall (1),Elena Ostrovskaya (1)

(1)The Australian National University (Australia) , (2)Center for Emergent Matter Science, RIKEN (Japan) , (3)Universitat Wurzburg (Germany)

We demonstrate that exciton-polariton quantum billiards, optically induced in semiconductor microcavities, represent a new experimental platform for studies of non-Hermitian physics with matter waves. By engineering a Sinai billiard for Bose-condensed microcavity polaritons, we show that the open-dissipative nature of the system enables experimental observation of non-Hermitian degeneracies in this macroscopic quantum system.
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11:10 Invited talk : Observation of nonreciprocal surface wave and space wave in the chain of gyromagnetic rods

Ruixin Wu, Zhen Li, Qing-Bo Li, Yin Poo

Nanjing University (China)

Nonreciprocal surface wave and space wave are observed in one-dimensional magnetic photonic crystal made of a chain of gyromagnetic rods. These nonreciprocal waves are associated with the time reversal symmetry breaking of the gyromagnetic rods, but exhibit different behaviors. The underline mechanisms of the nonreciprocal waves are discussed. Base on the nonreciprocal wave phenomenon, some example devices which can guide the surface wave or space wave unidirectional transmission are given.
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11:30 Invited talk : Nonlinear optics in zero-index materials

Haim Suchowski (1),Kevin O'Brien (2),Zi-Jing Wong (2),Alessandro Salandrino (2),Xiaobo Yin (2),Xiang Zhang (2)

(1)Tel Aviv University (Israel) , (2)University of California (USA)

Phase-matching is critical for coherent nonlinear optical processes, allowing nonlinear sources to combine constructively, resulting in efficient emission. We experimentally demonstrate phase mismatch-free nonlinear propagation in a bulk zero index metamaterial that allow symmetric nonlinear emission to both forward and backward directions. We also discuss transverse phase matching, utilizing the in-plane zero index modes of metamaterials, which will allow coherent broadside emission.
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11:50 Invited talk : Single Negative Metamaterials take on Negative Indices owing to Multiple Scattering: Demonstration with an Acoustic Super-lens

Nadege Kaina, Fabrice Lemoult, Mathias Fink, Geoffroy Lerosey

ESPCI ParisTech (France)

We evidence that single negative metamaterials can turn into double negative ones, hence leading to a negative band solely by breaking the symmetry. We explain this phenomenon from multiple scattering effects and give an analogy with the phonon optical branch. We experimentally demonstrate a negative index acoustic super-lens using a soda can hexagonal array with a focal spot 15 times smaller than the wavelength.
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12:10 Invited talk : Amplification and absorption in topological photonic systems

Henning Schomerus

Lancaster University (United Kingdom)

Topological photonic systems generate robust modes whose properties are well controlled. A difference to the original electronic context, from which these concepts are borrowed, are photon creation and annihilation processes, which induce a new class of exploitable symmetries but also serve as an extra source of noise.
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