Plasmonics and nanophotonics VII

15:35 : Lasing in plasmonic periodic, aperiod and disordered systems

Aaltje Schokker, Femius Koenderink

FOM institute AMOLF (Netherlands)

We show lasing in lattices of silver particles in a dye-doped waveguide. Due to the strong scattering strength of silver particles, the band diagram shows an unconventionally large stop gap. We use these large stop-gap systems to investigate a basic question: how much order do we need to obtain lasing?
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15:50 : Thermo-Optically Tunable Flat-Lenses at Near Infrared Wavelengths

Jonathan Pugh (1),Jamie Stokes (1),Martin Lopez-Garcia (1),Choon-How Gan (2),Geoff Nash (2),John Rarity (1),Martin Cryan (1)

(1)University of Bristol (United Kingdom) , (2)University of Exeter (United Kingdom)

We present a slot-grating flat lens fabricated in thin layers of amorphous silicon-on-aluminum. The structures are designed to collimate the light propagating through the slot at lambda=833nm and 1550nm. The high dependency of refractive index on temperature for amorphous silicon has the potential to enable thermo-optic focusing and steering.
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16:05 : 3D manipulation with plasmonic nanotweezers

Johann Berthelot (1),Srdjan Acimovic (2),Mathieu Juan (3),Mark Kreuzer (1),Jan Renger (1),Romain Quidant (1)

(1)ICFO (Spain) , (2)Chalmers University (Spain) , (3)Macquarie University (Australia)

We demonstrate in this paper stable optical trapping and accurate 3D manipulation of a single dielectric nanoparticle with a scanning optical near field probe.
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