META 2021, META'12

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Directionally solidified alkali halide eutectics as polaritonic metamaterials
Rosa I. Merino, Maria F. Acosta, Victor M. Orera

Last modified: 2011-12-05


In this communication we report on fibrilar and lamellar alkali halide eutectics as polaritonic metamaterials. Anisotropic dielectric constants and hyperbolic dispersion can be achieved for a wide range of energies with large dielectric constant contrast between the components. The identification of the eutectic systems more prone to present homogeneous well ordered microstructures together with appropriate phonon-polariton dispersion properties is reported. The microstructure of some of the selected systems, fabricated by directional solidification using the Bridgman method is presented. Some new ternary systems have also been explored, aiming at decreasing the domain size or to change the volume fraction of fibers into matrix.


eutectics; polaritonic metamaterials